Bootstrapped PCA analysis - Bubbles

This is the R function for bootstrapped PCA analysis. Please use the links below to find the readme file to explain how it all works, the code itself, and an example dataset for use with the code.

ReadMe Text File
R 'Bubbles' function for bootstrapped PCA
Example Data Set

Predicting the Premiership

This is R code and a data file relating to my blog post about predicting the football results - the start of the quantitative way to predict which teams make the top four

R code - change the sample size unless you want it to run for hours
CSV file for the R code - basically the league table as of 4th Jan 2015

Trophic Interaction Agent-based Model (TIAM)

This is R code and a data file relating to Griffin et al. (submitted) Ecological Informatics. The model predicts the flow of microplastic into filterfeeders (mussels) and the effects of passing through zooplankton on platic uptake in filterfeeders.
R code available here.


Current Projects

My current research is focussed on

1) the development of simple, user friendly community-level models to predict changes in ecological communities, based on limited and diverse data types.

2) understanding localised adapation to ecological niches (from both physical and biological factors) and the implications of this for climate change and associated species movement

3) finding suitable and novel biomarkers for organism 'stress', which may predict their future vulnerability to climate change or other environmental pressures.

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